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*This sounds terrific, but of course I cannot vouch for the organization
whose link is below:*

*Love Thy Neighbor:* The Rev. Minna Bothwell asked the congregation of the
Capitol Hill Lutheran Church in Des Moines, Iowa, to think about how the
church could expand their mission. What nonprofit could they fund that
would be in keeping with their Biblical ideals? The congregation suggested
an organization that buys up medical debt, and then forgives the people who
owed it: they walk away with no debt, and no more creditors calling. The
church called RIP Medical Debt and asked “how much money it would take to
forgive all the medical debt in Polk County,” Bothwell said. “They
responded, ‘With what you have, you could forgive [medical] debt in all of
Iowa’.” It only took about $8,000 for the church to fund the organization
in buying up $5 million worth of medical debt owed by Iowans. “We’ve seen
firsthand what debt has done to families, and how hard it can be,” Rev.
Bothwell said. It was so easy, the church is now raising $15,000 to zero
out all the medical debt in Missouri. “2020 has been a rough year for
everyone,” she said. “Our goal as a congregation is to give people a good
start on 2021.


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