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Thu Dec 24 06:40:49 UTC 2020

And yet despite the relatively benign nature of Covid compared to some
other viruses, 326,000 Americans have died of it, including over 3,000
healthcare professionals and a grand total of around 1.7 million worldwide.
It may not seem like many, unless a loved one of yours was one of those who
perished from it. And keep in mind that a fair number of Covid survivors
may have permanent damage to their brains or other organs. I have known
enough people to get nailed by it, that I feel like an invisible boogieman
is stalking the Earth.

I agree that the lockdowns are bad in that they cause financial suffocation
for many people, especially the poor, and small businesses. For a long
time, the powers that be seemed oblivious to this fact. And our
politicians, such as human scumbag Mitch McConnell, have not done their
part to properly help struggling average Americans. The current stimulus
package is far less than it should be.

I think in the future we need intelligent leadership/control at the federal
level, rather than letting each state decide how they want to respond to a
growing pandemic. And despite the fact China/CCP sat on their hands for
three weeks and let Covid infect the world, we need to examine how they
managed to successfully control and eliminate the disease outbreak from
their nation.

I can't get over how so many people want to be the rebel and not wear a
face mask properly when outside their home. Or think social distancing is
just asking too much. I hope we can globally learn from the many mistakes
made in handling Covid. Because if there is a next time, and there probably
will be, we could face a much more lethal but equally contagious virus,
which leaves tens of millions dead.

And I hope somehow, someway, the CCP is punished/disciplined for letting
the Covid virus get out of control and terrorize the world. They knew what
was going on at the top, but they chose to sit on their hands and be
concerned about appearances, rather than taking strong swift action to stop
Covid from becoming a global menace. The U.S., Europe and the rest of the
world should seize Chinese owned assets in their nations, as a form of
reparations for the massive economic losses and the lost human lives.


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>> Seems to me I've read that they were less contagious (smaller R?).
> More severe, less contagious.
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