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>…I have a Jewish friend back home who got very hot under the collar when I greeted him once with "Merry Christmas!" This surprised me because other Jews I had known over the years had no problem with the holiday. But then this guy is a classic old school NYC Jew who was also my chiropractor. 






Eh, that’s only the third worst person to piss off Johnny.  Your bride is 4th worst.  As it is, next time you go in with a backache, your chiropractor will put you down on the table, climb up, put a foot in the middle of your back, grab an arm, “Merry Christmas he says.  I’ll show ya Merry Christmas!”  Crack.  Wheelchair jockey for a month.  If you’re lucky.


I must tread even more lightly.  The second worst guy to piss off is your dentist.  Mine is muslim.


The worst one to piss off is that IRS guy doing your audit.  Don’t Merry Christmas him.  You’re dead meat if you do, dead.  Take care in seasons greetings with your proctologist as well.  That guy will show your ass Merry Christmas.  All five of those are to be treated with care.





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