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On 12/28/20 6:25 AM, William Flynn Wallace via extropy-chat wrote:
> I think for something to be propaganda there has to be attempts to 
> persuade.  All I saw on the video was descriptions of the various positions.
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One method to persuade is to make inaccurate or misleading statements which might tend to persuade people of some position. The video in questions contains inaccurate or misleading statements.  One could take the position that the inaccurate or misleading statements instead of being deliberate falsehoods are instead the result of the prageru.com team which being uninformed.  Of course this raises the question of whether this lack of basic knowledge is the result of cognitive problems or if it is the result of deliberately failing to do basic investigation and study.

Whether it is sloppy scholarship or malicious propaganda the point remains that the prageru.com video does not stand up to serious scrutiny.

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We could go this route with it: ignore the names of the categories Left and Liberal, go to asking a different question: do people fall into general categories based on their answer to those questions Prager presented?

Let's look at the question of how many races are there?  A nuanced approach fails, for that answer is either 1 or more than 1, and it is presumably an integer.  I go with 1 on that.

Is capitalism good?  I answer good.  It raises the masses out of poverty.

Is nationalism a good thing?  I will go with good on that.  I favor immigration, assuming legal immigration.  To have legal immigration, there must be some means of defining legal immigration.

View of America: I view America as good.

Free speech: the freer the better.

By Prager's definition, I am liberal.  Sure OK, I will buy it.  People do split in their answers to those questions.  I see nothing in the Prager presentation I would disagree with.  


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