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On 2020-12-28 17:11, spike jones via extropy-chat wrote:
 > Let's look at the question of how many races are there?  A nuanced  >
approach fails, for that answer is either 1 or more than 1, and it  > is
presumably an integer.  I go with 1 on that.

>...Now I'm thinking about how to count fuzzy sets...


Fuzzy or otherwise, we liberals find that question pretty easy: it's 1.  Any
fuzzy answer to that question looks suspicious and leads to logical
contradictions.  We can easily observe that modern society is up to its
eyeballs in logical contradictions.

> > Is nationalism a good thing?  I will go with good on that.

How do you define it?

A country is nationalist if it keeps and enforces its borders.  Its citizens
pay taxes and have privileges that visitors do not have.

>... > I favor immigration, assuming legal immigration.  To have legal  >
immigration, there must be some means of defining legal immigration.

>...Do you trust politicians to make a good definition?
We got along for a century without one...  Anton

I don't trust politicians for anything.  I see too few of them who I
consider trustworthy.

The days when we could get by without immigration enforcement of some kind
came to an end with income tax.  As soon as that came about, entitlements
resulted.  With that, there must be some means of insuring that entitlements
are not collected by those not entitled to them.



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