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Cool an internet native who will know the answer.

 Will, how many races are there?


>…Internet natives recognize only one: human…


>…Now that I enumerate,  there are many races... probably none of which were as you meant.  I'll stick with your recent guidance on counting: for the sake of discussion,  call it "one"





Thanks Mike.



>>…Will, how many races are there?…spike

>…I don't know, what do you think?


I am staying with one.  The University of California system goes with that answer, and they are more knowledgeable on it than I am: they have race and gender studies.  


That answer has consequences however.  For instance, since there is only one race, then the rules are the same for everyone.  That alone has enormous consequences.  For instance, most of the rap stars use a racist term, so must be called out for what they are: racists.  Another consequence: if there is only one race, then race studies merge with psychology, which is study of humanity.  I hadn’t really thought of those as the same thing, but it would hafta be, ja?




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