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>> At some point, we just hafta pull up roots and move:

>...You'll just have to move again when the ocean rises...

So we hear.  Many of us think we know the shape of Florida...


OK sure.  But zoom in enough to see Lake George, due north of Orlando
between Daytona and Ocala.

Looootsa good camping around there, if... you don't get too bothered by

Now look north of there and see about 200 km of what we call the St. John's
River, flowing into the sea at Jacksonville.  There you have a case where
fresh water drains 2 meters in 200 km.  So... the "current" is about a
coupla cm per hour.  By testing the salinity of the St. John's we can very
accurately measure sea level rise with time.  

But the map doesn't really explain it very well.  The area all around the
St. John's is not much above sea level.  That's why there aren't very many
cities around there anywhere: it is too swampy and floody.  

>...I always wonder: if Florida drowns, does it keep its Senate seats?

Sure will.  Senate seats don't depend on land area.  Note that Rhode Island
and Alaska have the same number of senate seats.  Some areas of Florida will
not drown even in the worst case.  The St. John's River could become an
inland sea, but I look at it this way: that would increase the amount of
waterfront property.  Real estate values would soar.

>> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GSLy-k0heI

>...At that age I doubt I knew the word "frustrating"...

At that age, we knew frustrating, but we assumed it as normal.

>...What did she say to get the laugh at the end?

The only thing that is open is nothing!  NOTHING!

She's funny little drama queen.


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