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That's true, but the City of Jackson has not cancelled its order.  Who knows the legality of that?


>From what I understand, cities can issue fines, they just can’t collect them.  Miami is doing that.  They did that here with gun shops which refused to shut down (they declared themselves essential businesses (and people were arming up (no one was in the mood to argue with them (they didn’t pay.))))  Elon Musk got a 50 dollar fine for opening his car factory before the county said it was OK, but didn’t actually pay it.



   Medical centers, Walmart, etc. are requiring masks.  (yes, those are about the only two places I go anymore!)  bill 


Businesses can throw your ass out for not wearing a mask.  I figure it’s their property and their liability, so it’s their right.  You’re a guest inside Mr. Walton’s business, so he makes the rules.



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