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> I haven’t read the text, but the verbalizing was ambiguous.  The mandate
> prohibits being maskless in public or failing to social distance.  The way I
> interpret that is if one is doing either, then it is OK.  If one is alone, then
> one is social distancing, so no mask is required.  If one is partying, then
> a mask is required.  Well, OK.  That makes sense.  I don’t party, so… I don’t
> wear a mask outdoors.
> If I go indoors, I am in someone else’s house or someone’s business.  Then
> I wear one.

Same here.

> This is pretty simple stuff: it is impossible to infect the great outdoors.  It’s too much of that and not enough of me.

In Washington state (which is not part of Australia -- or so I've been
led to believe), basically it's distancing outdoors or wearing a mask.
I've hiked a few times this year and on the trail distanced -- which
isn't that unusual and wore a neck gaiter when I was close to anyone.
While I bet it's really hard to catch it on the trails I hike, I
haven't seen any data. (Went hiking on Tuesday up to Squire Pass and
aside from my crew there were only four other people there: two people
way above us climbing a rock face and an elderly couple coming down
from the ridge at the actual pass. In the latter case, I don't think
we were ever closer than five meters. In the former, it's hard to
judge, but I could hardly hear them as they were so high up.:)


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