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Type your address (or just your town) into the ClimateCheck website, and you’ll instantly see a snapshot of your home’s climate risk across five areas: storms, temperature, drought, fire, and flood.




COOL!  Thanks BillK.  

My fire risk is assessed at very high, but I already know it isn't.  In the middle of a suburb where all the neighboring homes were built after the 1992 code amendments is a most comforting place.  Reasoning: they mandated concrete shingle, concrete stucco on all exteriors, narrow eves with flame-retardant materials only.  Homes built in this jurisdiction are not only low risk, they would be difficult to intentionally torch.

Result: we have all these fire stations with all this expensive equipment being used as a traffic clearing device for the ambulance going to see about some little old lady short of breath.  My actual fire risk here is very low.  

Flood risk is next highest but I already know from the flood of 1997 that this neighborhood sits on a previously-unknown high spot.  As soon as the water reaches the level of the intersection, water pours right on down the hill.

Drought risk: 49.  If anything they underestimate that one.  With more and more people coming, that one just gets bigger and bigger.

Storm: we have had exactly one storm in the more three decades I have lived here, caused a flood, discovered we sit high and dry.

Temperature risk: we have had exactly one hard freeze here in those three decades.

Thanks for the link BillK!


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