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Sat Oct 10 17:31:57 UTC 2020

I don't care for Sumatra caf.  Of the Ethiopian beans I like Yirgacheffe -
very reliable.  For a different taste I have been drinking the Guatemala
gesha coffee from Sweetmarias.

I already ordered the Stumptown so I hope I like it enough to finish it -
maybe blend it.

I also ordered the  Major Dickinson - we'll see.

Thanks for the splendid reply and apologies for not replying sooner - got
mixed up on the address and thought the post was from a friend of Adrian's.

I did not notice that you had joined some time ago

Having been through quite a few expensive roasters I have been using the
Popsrite popcorn roaster for several years.  I wore out one but it only
costs $20 to replace.

Regards      bill w

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> I've been drinking decaf for {mumble, mumble} years, and I too roast my
> own. For a baseline, I lean towards a full-city roast and I use a lot of
> ground coffee per cup (2 scoops per cup) when I brew it.
> I'm not too fancy - personally, I like Peets Major Dickenson and Sumatra
> decafs, Sumatra being strong so beware. I also like Sweet Maria Ethiopian
> green beans, which I do a full city roast on. Nespresso decaf is
> quite good, I like the purple ones, and for Keurig, Green Mountain Dark
> Magic is surprisingly good.
> When I'm being super, super lazy I brew up and actually like Folgers and
> Bustelo decaf.
> Kicking Horse, Gevalia, Lavazza, Melitta, Maxwell House, Chock Full
> O'nuts, Stumptown - I don't like any of those. They are, varyingly, bitter,
> have off-notes, or just taste rough. I find that it's a rare diner or even
> restaurant that will have a nice decaf. Oh well!
> Of course, YMMV, and all the above is MHOO.
> Good luck finding something you like!
> --Regina
> --------------------------------------------------
> I roast my own beans but have been known to buy them already roasted.
> What I am asking is: if you drink any decaf, what are your favorites, roasted
> or unroasted.
> For my health I am having to stop drinking all caf coffee, so I am going
> to mix it with decaf once I find a good bean.  If you have any opinions
> of the manner of decaffeinating the beans (such as Swiss water process),
> add that.
> Thanks!
> bill w
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