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 And there are cats that can tell if someone is dying (nursing home data).

Anyone working with old and sick people learn to recognize the signs of
dying, not likely hard for the cats too learn too.
Also many cats try to console sad or sick humans. Buut the extra care given
to the dying might also be the reason..

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> > A pilot scheme involving 4 sniffer dogs at Helsinki airport indicated
> that
> > dogs can detect the presence of the virus in less than 10 seconds with
> > nearly 100% accuracy.  (from Nature)
> >
> > That's before symptoms arise.  So what's next? Bears?  They have the
> > best noses of any animal in America.  And there are cats that can tell if
> > someone is dying (nursing home data).  Why don't we make more use
> > of the abilities animals have that we don't?  Bears looking into ......
> bill w
> You're restricting animals to mammals. The male silkmoth has mammals
> and all vertebrates beat. Supposedly, it can detect a single molecule
> of scent from a distant female.
> But if the dogs can detect with near 100% accuracy in this area -- and
> dogs are widely available and already easy to handle and train -- why
> go looking for better scent detectors in the animal kingdom? Bears are
> harder to train and far fewer are tame and ready for duty.
> By the way, I thought the nursing home data on cats was ambiguous. Not
> doubting their ability to smell or pick up on other subtle clues. But
> I thought there was also things like putting heating blankets on dying
> patients -- where cats go for warmth so it might not be clear they're
> smelling death as opposed to simply seeking a comfortably warm area to
> rest.
> In the end, though, I imagine technology will beat animal abilities here.
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