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Dan, I have been reading your posts for a long time now. and I think it's
time you admit to yourself that you completely lack a sense of humor.
 bill w

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> > "San Francisco is like granola:  once you have removed the nuts and the
> fruits, all you have left are the flakes."  anon.
> >
> > bill w
> Not sure why this is your quote of the day. How do you feel it
> improves anything? It seems homophobic to me. If I were new to the
> group and didn't know much about transhumanism and Extropianism, I
> might think it was full of social conservatives and that was the basic
> culture of the movement. In other words, not people who want to use
> technology and science to transcend current (or all) human
> limitations, but people who just want to live in some high tech gated
> community where LGBT weren't welcome.
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> Dan
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