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Sun Oct 18 21:22:15 UTC 2020

On Sun, Oct 18, 2020 at 9:18 PM Ben Zaiboc via extropy-chat
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> On 18/10/2020 01:06, BillW wrote:
> > re arrogance:  do people who have accomplished a lot deserve to be
> > arrogant?  Or does arrogance include qualities we don't like?
> I'm not sure I understand this. Does cruelty include qualities we don't
> like? Hostility? Willful ignorance?
> In my book, arrogance is always a bad thing. 'Deserve to be arrogant' is
> a non-sequitur. Even 'justifiably arrogant' doesn't run, it's never
> justified.

I would distinguish between arrogance and pride, though the two are
often confused. Any form of pride tends to be seen as arrogance by
many, no?


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