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> I can certainly increase the traffic on this list.  The older we get the
> more help we need or at least want.

What we need is more subscribers, not just more traffic.

Here's one:  I have this heart condition, as well as some small memory
> problems, and think that a smartwatch would help me in a few ways.   Good
> heart-monitoring a must - reminder alarms for pills and such also.
> So - please send me your commendations.  Please, no $300 watches.  Under
> $150 if possible, though I can go higher if the functions really would help.

You want a smart watch that will work together with your smart phone, so
what kind of smart phone do you have?

Since health monitoring is pretty serious business, I think arbitrary cost
limits are a bad idea. Decide what features you want, look at the models
available that have them, then decide what you can afford.

That said, although I'm not a smart watch user nor an Apple fan, I believe
the Apple Watches are the gold standard. But only if you're an iPhone owner
or willing to become one.

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