[ExI] Is the ExI email list slowly dying out? And if so, what can be done to reverse such an outcome?

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> > The 90s were an optimistic decade, you felt in the air that good
> > things could happen and were about to happen. Space, bio/nanotech, the
> > then young internet, virtual reality, new political systems... Now we
> > live in a pessimistic and defeatist culture, and this shows here and
> > elsewhere. Recovering the optimistic outlook of the early Extropians
> > list is, I believe, what today's list (and world) need.
> >
> > Or perhaps it is just that we are all getting old and grumpy.
> > _______________________________________________
> I think we need to be careful how we treat new (younger) posters.
> It is very discouraging for them to be told - 'Oh we discussed all
> that twenty years ago'.  Older, grumpier members should try to go over
> old-hat subjects with newbies. You never know, these weird youngsters
> might come up with some ideas we didn't think of.  :)

Yeah, one does have to be careful of that. I used to attend a
philosophy meetup group where I quickly got weary of every new
attendee either wanting to talk about AI or The Matrix. But the
newbies attending were, of course, new to the group, so they didn't
know that anyone who'd been there for a few months had already gone
through cycles of discussing that stuff. Eventually, I decided I was
the problem and stopped attending. :)


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