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> Recall back last February and March when the big panic was that there were
> insufficient numbers of ventilators?  Have you heard that recently?  Why?
> Sure we manufactured them and stockpiled them, but when they realized
> how ineffective they were, medics tried alternatives, such as oxygen masks.

A problem was ventilators were usually used at such a late stage,
patients were already in serious condition and likely to die. And use
of the ventilator made it more likely to lead to complications caused
by the equipment itself or the therapies.

> There is a general consensus that lockdowns may or may not help but they damage the economy and are generally falling out of favor.

Um, I don't see that consensus against lockdowns. In fact, the Lancet
just had an article on lockdowns and it seems from it that the
consensus goes the other way:


(I don't like to use the term 'consensus' but it's been mainstreamed
into meaning the dominant view rather than more strictly a view
everyone shares. 'General consensus' also seems redundant here. What
would a non-general consensus be?)

> We learned that infected patients should not be sent into nursing homes
> (sheesh how hard was that one to figure out?)

I thought that was known early on and the bigger issue was nursing
home staff spreading the virus -- not because this was unknown as a
factor but because enforcement was lax.


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