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 > I simultaneously pondered that black hole merger announced in
early September.  That one too has me leaning toward the simplest solution:
that these two black holes formed in the plane of an enormous accretion disc
and grew to their absurd size by absorbing material from that disc,


>…It's difficult for a small Black Hole to grow into a large one in the limited time available by that method because as matter starts to spiral into the hole it gets very hot and produces a lot of x-rays that push much of the remaining gas away…


In order to make the explanation work at all, we would need to hypothesize an accretion disc way beyond the mass and density we can observe now, by a huge margin.  Then we are left with ad hoc kinds of arguments such as accretion discs were way bigger in the olden days.  The whole notion might fall apart once we do more calculations.  


>…Maybe in the very early universe it is formed by direct collapse from a cloud of gas to a Black Hole without ever becoming a star or even getting very hot because in some ways it's easier to make a large Black Hole than a small one… John K Clark 


Ja, but that works better for the super-massive black holes.  These were intermediate masses, which forces us into clumsy explanations.  


The thing that puzzles me even more is that all the explanations I have seen proposed required greater non-uniformity in the early days than I expected from my understanding of the inflation model.  I am puzzled that the non-uniformity is as great as it is already.


Time will tell perhaps.




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