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>>…No one will win any friends down here with the term 'yank', unless it's 'Yank the plug outta that damn keg, willya?'   bill w
> Ja, well, we yanks won the war, so we get to make the rules.

Well, the Yankees who won the war probably didn't refer to the Rebels
or Confederates or whatnot as Yanks or Yankees. They still seemed to
think of them as Southerners.

> {8^D

Among US-Americans and inside the US, when I hear people refer to as
'yanks' -- actually, it's usually 'yankees' -- they mean New
Englanders. It's outside the US and usually among Britons I hear
'yanks' and, yeah, they mean US-Americans. You're the only US-American
I see using it to mean US-Americans in general. And you're using it
inside the US.

This is similar to how you use 'constable,' which is actually not used
in your region today. The office no longer exists in your region and
hasn't for decades. I know what you mean when you use the term, but
sounds either archaic or affected. Neither of these bother me all that
much, but you might be giving an impression you don't want.

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