[ExI] Is the ExI email list slowly dying out? And if so, what can be done to reverse such an outcome?

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>...Again, the Internet didn't invent that. Anyone throughout history can be
brought up as a villain or hero at any time depending on what's going on.

Hi Dan glad you mentioned that.  My son's literature class is studying To
Kill a Mockingbird.  That one has alternated between banned literature and
required reading for decades.  It was not welcome when I was in school.  I
think it has cycled thru at least twice by now and is back to being required

>... (To be sure, I've used an elevator maybe twice this year and I don't
recall any music in either case.:)  Regards, Dan

I don't know how it got that name.  There was a radio station back in the
old days called Muzak, which we referred to as elevator music, but the times
I heard it was background in a shopping mall (back when we still had those.)


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