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>…As many a Satanist may point out, the only ones insisting there is a binary are those who insist that everyone not following God is following Satan.



Ja, the Satanists need to get with the whole strict religious binary game: they need to have thundering ministers insisting that all those lost souls not following Satan are following God.


My fond hope is that we non-binaries can help others see themselves more clearly.


Hey Adrian, please if I may ask, how is your housemate?  Well I do hope.







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We have gender non-binaries, so it stands to reason religion should have
that too:

https://babylonbee.com/news/people-demand-third-party-choice-instead-of-just <https://babylonbee.com/news/people-demand-third-party-choice-instead-of-just-god-or-satan> 

Sheesh it is OK to lighten up a bit once in a while.


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