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> Every theory I have had on this virus is proving wrong.  I don’t
> understand it.  Reopening shoulda spread the virus more than this.
> spike
> When you look at effects and not much changes, you look at causes that
> also haven't changed.  If I were told I didn't have to wear a mask anymore
> it would not affect me at all.  Lot of old people in Florida who, like me,
> might think that if they got it, it would be fatal, so they are going to
> take precautions no matter what some decree says.

You bring up a good point. The world has changed. Reopening now isn't
really the same as going back to pre-COVID times. Aside from people in the
high risk group you mention, I imagine most people will remain far more
cautious -- doing things like correct handwashing, rethinking going in
public with a cough, being aware of people who are coughing*, and the like.
So, reopening simply won't be the same as going back to 2019.


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* Pre-COVID, I had no problem distancing myself from people coughing. :)
Not being a hipster on this.
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