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>.This year's Olympics were cancelled, but there is a hell of a battle
brewing between the US and China teams..


This is how it has gone in the past 20 yrs.  The middle column is the gold,
4th col is silver and 5th is bronze:





I think the yanks would take down China this year but oh what a struggle it
will be.  


Those numbers after the country name are the match points.  Where two
countries have the same number, the color of their medal is determined by
how the teams did against each other.  If they drew, there are other
tiebreaks such as wins vs draws and that kinda thing.  Top level chess
scores reward taking risks for a win rather than playing for the safe draw.


The 2020 Olympiad is set to play in the spring.  They might work out a video
link a let them go at it remotely too.



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