[ExI] Ex-Google chief: U.S. must do 'whatever it takes' to beat China on AI

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 24 11:32:31 UTC 2020

I wonder what is being developed in top secret facilities across the West,
but perhaps I have seen too many movies. Unfortunately, being an open
society makes it fairly easy for China/CCP to pilfer our technologies. My
gut feeling is that AI will arrive a little after 2040, in large part due
to powerful quantum computing...

"We want America to be inventing this stuff," Eric Schmidt said during
POLITICO's summit on artificial intelligence. "Or at least the West."

"The U.S. needs an urgent national strategy on developing artificial
intelligence technology to counter the rising competition from China, said
former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, chair of the National Security Commission
on Artificial Intelligence.

Speaking with reporters Nancy Scola and Mark Scott on Thursday during
Schmidt outlined recommendations for countering the Asian superpower's rise
in the field and emphasized the need to collaborate with peer democracies
in the development of AI technology and ethics. Schmidt said the United
States lacks a national "whatever it takes" doctrine to push ahead and
dominate in the global AI competition."
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