[ExI] Fan of Sci-Fi? Psychologists Have You in Their Sights

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Sun Oct 25 18:53:54 UTC 2020

Not imposing rather unimpressive security theatre actions is not the same
as not doing stuff.
Also our politicians are crumbling somewhat. Still nothing seems to suggest
that lockdowns work better than a high level of care about the realities
but since that requires politicians to sit calm and do not appear forceful
we have a threatening politico problem.
We'll have to see, might still get a half arsed lockdown here too if we are
unlucky. Laws in Sweden do not allow for any kind of general population
lockdown in any form that would have any chance of being better than what
is done now.

There are also a lot of (moronic) calling for even less covid restrictions
from a psych pow.
My personal opinion on that is: they call for action (psych theatre) in
pretty good faith that someone else will keep doing their job and keep the
current restrictions.
Look out for the copyright mobs attack on covid restrictions from a "artist
have the right to make money" angle. It is coming in Sweden, if you are
(in)lucky it will spread.

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> > As an experimental psychologist, and not one of those silly clinical
> people, I think they should get serious about mental illness.
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> Re getting serious about mental illness,
> People are starting to notice that the protection measures against
> COVID are causing many new medical problems.
> <
> https://summit.news/2020/10/23/sweden-refuses-to-impose-new-lockdown-measures-saying-people-have-suffered-enough/
> >
> Quotes:
> Sweden Refuses to Impose New Lockdown Measures, Saying People Have
> Suffered Enough
> Loneliness, mental health impact of lockdown balanced against COVID threat.
> Paul Joseph Watson  Published 23 October, 2020
> “The elderly, they said, have suffered enough,” writes Fraser Nelson.
> “They have spent months being advised to avoid public transport,
> shopping malls and other parts of everyday life. And the result?
> Loneliness. Misery. This is more than unpleasant: it quickly
> translates into depression, mental health issues and mortality. “We
> cannot only think about infection control,” said Lena Hallengren,
> Sweden’s health minister, “we also need to think about public health.”
> An important distinction: focus on Covid to the exclusion of other
> conditions and you risk lives.”
> --------------------
> In the UK, hospitals have concentrated on COVID patients and cut back
> or stopped all other illness treatments and cancelled hospital
> appointments. This has led to many obvious problems and deaths.
> BillK
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