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Hi Will,

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> I'm using it for this sentence, and it's great!
Me too, it is great, Thanks, BillK.
but sometimes it says: "Something went wrong, try again later."

The more AI the better, in my opinion.

>   Personally, my weak, meat-based mind thinks we should try and make the
> entire world a very cool, dry place--perfect for heavy silicon computation.
Don't focus on the 'meat-based', focus on the phenomenal based
knowledge/consciousness.  Consciousness runes directly on intrinsic
properties like redness and greenness.  Silicone, like meat, has intrinsic
properties, but current systems are designed to be substrate independent.
Current AI systems are purposely abstracted away from any particular
intrinsic properties.  Any set of physics can represent a binary 1, but
only if you have a dictionary for each different intrinsic property
representing that 1.  That is less efficient, since it requires a
dictionary.  While the redness quality of our knowledge is represented
with, is just a physical fact, no dictionary required.

It's the difference between running a program directly on the hardware, or
sticking a virtual (dictionary or mapping) machine, between the hardware
and the program, so the program can run on any hardware.

So in addition to being phenomenal (like redness or greenness) it is more
efficient (doesn't require dictionaries for substrate independence)

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