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What if we make a novel cryptocurrency and fund ourselves with that?  Given
the history of the list, it would make sense.

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>> As mentioned in a previous post, it would be interesting to put together
>> an Ex-DAO. I assume the DAO would fund certain missions that could push the
>> Extropian narrative globally for people who want to contribute and have a
>> voting stake in these narratives. Once created, it's totally up to the DAO
>> to do what it wants. Each user must stake to enter the DAO, and in return,
>> they receive voting rights. They may at any point burn their voting rights
>> as a percentage of the money in the current vault, so at any point, you may
>> leave if you don't like the direction of the DAO. Personally, I think this
>> would make this chat a bit more interesting and put some action to some of
>> the news topics we discuss. Maybe we start becoming part of the news?
>> Is anyone actually interested in this? How much money could we
>> realistically raise? I have some experience in the setup of this and it
>> doesn't take much to put together.
> I'm interested. I just don't have a feel for what it would be used for. If
> it requires a lot of money to do anything useful, that would undoubtedly
> make it harder.
> -Dave
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