[ExI] The Elysium effect: The coming backlash to the billionaire 'NewSpace' revolution

John Grigg possiblepaths2050 at gmail.com
Wed Oct 28 11:24:55 UTC 2020

An excellent article about supporting the super-wealthy prime movers behind
turning things around for humanity and our planet.

I have fond memories of being a teen and reading G.K. O'Neill's book, The
High Frontier. A special book for many people...

"This wouldn't be so bad if we didn't need to open space quickly, or if
governments hadn't blown the job over the last few decades. But we do, and
they have. With the climate almost literally melting down, economies
cracking under the coronavirus pandemic and people lost in a fog of
disunity and pessimism, we need the space revolution to succeed, not
instead of or in spite of these other challenges, but because it can help
us win them all.

We need to get our best minds out there, to observe and help us understand
what is happening down here, but also to develop new technologies and ways
to save the planet
create new products such as medicines and to begin utilizing the resources
of space to take the pressure off our home world. Governments have shown
they are unable to make it efficient, and they certainly can't take it to

Look, if you're reading this, you probably already "get it" when it comes
to the importance of opening what Dr. G.K. O'Neill called "The High Frontier
(the seminal book on space settlement that converted Bezos and became one
of his early products). There isn't much time for the space community to
act, and as members of a society of nerds for whom it is as patently
obvious that we must open space as that there will be another "Star Trek
<https://www.space.com/31802-star-trek-space-tech.html>" spinoff, we need
to get much better at engaging the rest of the world in this new
conversation about space.

It really is critical that these space revolutionaries not only be allowed
to, but are supported in their quests. The best thing we can do is to
understand and speak to the concerns of those who don't yet understand why
this is happening and what the true drivers are behind it all."

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