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>> OK perhaps it is an America thing.


> Oh no!   UK and EU collectors also pay small fortunes for ordinary

> objects that have a famous name attached to them. I just don't see the 

> point myself.




BillK, my grandfather was a coal miner.  When the war started, Uncle Sam
wanted him, but he was too old to be a soldier (39) so they sent him to
Trinidad to build airstrips.


When he returned in 1945, he went back to his mining job, but soon decided
he wasn't going to do that kind of work anymore.  On his way out of the mine
that day, he picked up a piece of slate.


Years went by.  When I was about 7 or 8, I could tell that wasn't from
Florida: we didn't have that kind of rock anywhere around there.  I asked
what that was for.  He explained that this was the last rock he would ever
haul out of the ground.


He passed away a few years later (black lung) and my grandmother passed on
about 20 yrs after that.  The Last Rock ended up with my mother, who didn't
know what it was.  Somehow it moved with them to Oregon, but didn't make the
move back from Oregon to Florida.


Monday and Tuesday I was up at the Oregon property and recognized it.  Now
the Last Rock is in my back yard.


I have an appointment Friday at 11 with a local engraver to carve the words
THE LAST ROCK into this thing:




Is it silly?  Ja.  It is just a rock.  But my grandfather picked up with a
vow 75 years ago.



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