[ExI] Uploading to black holes: The transcension hypothesis

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> Uploading to black holes: The transcension hypothesis
> According to John Smart, advanced civilizations eventually migrate to
> black holes...
> https://turingchurch.net/uploading-to-black-holes-the-transcension-hypothesis-af54220ffb84
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Some thoughts........
According to the transcension hypothesis, advanced civilizations in
the universe learn to control space, time, energy, and matter (STEM)
at increasingly small scales and high densities. Advanced
civilizations migrate to these “inner spaces” and eventually to black
holes, which are ultimate high density, high performance substrates
for intelligent life.

I agree with this statement up to 'migrating to inner spaces'.  The last
part about eventually migrating to black holes, I would move to the far
distant future, if ever.

Reasoning - Advanced civilisations that have mastered STEM will be
living at small scale and at a much faster processing speed. For them,
the universe will appear to have frozen in time. The available energy
sources in normal space are more easily utilised. The time to migrate
to black holes would be after the stars go extinct as black holes have
a much longer lifespan than stars.  But by the time that far future
arrives, who knows what our advanced civilisation might be capable of?


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