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no known form of power generation is a good neighbor


>…What about solar, with battery backup?


This could work eventually, but solar is cost intensive, land intensive and intermittent.  The value of Diesel is that it is affordable to set up so investors will jump on it.


Solar has promise in the longer term for the areas I have in mind: it is really sunny out there and the times of year Teslas would want to traverse that is mostly summer when there is sun during the day.


>…Or what about site-specific things that aren't much (if at all) worse than what nature already put there, e.g. hydroelectric and geothermal?


Hydroelectric is already almost entirely utilized.  I don’t foresee any new dams going in anywhere anytime in the foreseeable.  Geothermal is only available in a few areas, but one of those might be applicable: near Yellowstone.  There might be enough heat available near enough to the surface to make that pay if there is a sufficient supply of power consumers.


The Diesels can be set up on short notice with limited capital, which I suspect will lead to their success.






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