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Bill Wallace wrote:

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> I am at the point where I think I know just about every piece up until
> about 1900 or maybe 1930 that I like.  So after that I am looking for
> new music to buy.  I get the American Record Guide and buy CDs
> based on reviews and have a success rate of maybe 10%.  The
> others I give away.
> So, I am interested in finding out from other classical music lovers
> who, since 1900, has become a favorite whose music I might like.  If
> a composer is famous I very likely know all I need to know about
> him or her.

I would get the musical scores from the Star Wars movies performed by  
the Los Angeles Philharmonic. In so far as classical music can be  
considered a genre instead of a musical period ending in the 1800s,  
then John Williams is one of the best modern classical music  
composers. He is why the Star Wars movies are "space opera" instead of  
"space theater" or "space story".

Stuart LaForge

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