[ExI] Japanese Towns Use This Robotic Wolf to Scare Off Bears, and It’s Terrifying

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And yet, in the end it is a story of technology taking more human jobs.

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> "It’s sort of like a scarecrow, except that if you happened to run into it
> in the middle of the night—or, heck, even in broad daylight—it would
> probably haunt your dreams (or nightmares) for years to come.
> Infrared sensors detect when bears or other living creatures enter the
> area, and in response the robot kicks its scare tactics into action: its
> eyes light up red and it emits a variety of loud sounds, from howls to
> gunshots to human voices. It reportedly can make over 60 different sounds
> <https://interestingengineering.com/japanese-town-sets-monster-wolf-robot-to-keep-bears-away>,
> (at least one of which is truly ear-splitting, as you can hear in the video
> below) and is programmed to mix them up so that bears or other predators
> won’t get used to any one sound and hence stop being scared off."
> Happy Halloween, everyone!
> https://singularityhub.com/2020/10/30/japanese-towns-use-this-robotic-wolf-to-scare-off-bears-and-its-terrifying/
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