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 > I do agree with John in general on the use of a moderator and an anonymous one to boot. 


>…The problem I have is that for all I know the very man who shuts off debate could be the same one that I am debating with, or he may have never sent a single post to the Extropian list in his life other than the ones in which he issues his decrees. Nobody knows except for Spike and Mr. Mystery Man Moderator himself (or herself), and neither is saying.


John K Clark



Well there ya go John, good justification for an anonymous ExIMod: now you are free to debate me and I am free to debate you.  This I can assure you: ExiMod is not me and I will not take on that burden of omnipotence anytime in the foreseeable.  I don’t like unlimited power.


My notion is that if one is being insulting on Exi-chat to the point one is worried about this, then don’t be so insulting on Exi-chat.  We have a place for that kinda thing.  People being a little more circumspect and generally respectful of others on ExI-chat is a good thing.  We have a place for US politics.  



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