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>…Other states cannot be dragged down to the level of the states which didn’t have enough sense to recognize that sending infected patients into nursing homes would kill people.  New York (specifically) made policies that killed thousands.  Then they tried to cover it up, which killed perhaps thousands more….spike




Clarification for our friends outside the USA: the New York governor attempted to take declining covid-patients out of the nursing homes in time to get them to the hospital before they perished.  This would cause the covid death statistics in nursing homes to be reduced while the hospital fatality statistics to be inflated.  


It really matters where the virus was caught.  Reasoning: making the nursing home appear safer than it really is and the hospital appear more dangerous would encourage clients to go to the dangerous nursing home, resulting in increased fatalities, while avoiding the less dangerous hospital, causing them to perish from lack of health care.


We are told that the cover-up was not done in order to kill additional people however.



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