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>…I don't understand... Why will cops everywhere be seriously rethinking their career choices? If you are a decent cop who does not brutalize and murder people, you will most likely be okay…

Note that in the famous case there were three other officers present who were not in charge but they are also on criminal trial.  Two of these guys were trainees and one had been on the job only a few weeks.  Now they are on trial for being there.

In the case of yesterday’s trial, the state’s own coroner called it an OD.  The family of the suspect hired a coroner to come up with a different call.  We didn’t find out until this week that the suspect had a blood oxygen level of 98% which is inconsistent with asphyxiation.  He kept saying he couldn’t breathe, well OK, but that O2 level disagrees.

If one is in law enforcement and gets one of those calls where some yahoo is hopped up on something, she is better off not responding, endangering her career rather than her freedom.

>... Keep in mind that for the limited amount of education required…

In the town where I live, a college degree is required to get on the force.

>… Finally, policing is statistically not as dangerous as many people assume.  John

Statistics are based on the past.  This week a congressional representative went to another state and made comments that sound a lot like incitement to riot.  Police work is plenty dangerous, at least in some areas.  I went to the office for 26 years.  In all that time, I never put on a bullet-proof vest, never had to wonder if I would come home that evening.


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