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> Deaths include suicides, accidents, homicide of family members by another
> family member and homicide by a would be burglar. The argument for guns in
> the home is that they decrease the chance of the last of these happening,
> but even if they did (and arguably they might INCREASE the chance that the
> burglar will shoot you), it might not outweigh the risk of death from the
> other causes. I don’t see why you should leave out suicide; if you have an
> argument with your spouse and then shoot yourself in the head, that is a
> serious problem.
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### If we were to follow this line of reasoning, Hungary, with a 1.3% gun
ownership rate should have very few suicides.... but no, the suicide rate
there is about 300% higher than in the US.

The silly gun and suicide arguments put forth by gun grabbers implicitly
assume that each sucide committed with a gun is a suicide that otherwise
would have never happened, while in fact removal of access to guns mostly
shifts suicides to other means, with hardly any impact on the total number
of suicides .

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