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Seen any hysterical paralysis or blindness, Rafal?  Have you learned to
tell the lies by their body language or voice?

Women attempt suicide more than men, but men choose more fatal methods.
This is consistent with their attitudes towards aggression:  women prefer
passive; men , active. The women's suicide attempts are surely passive
aggression in addition to whatever else they may be.    bill w

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>> Sometimes they are just suicidal gestures, but often the patient really
>> intends to die at the moment they make the attempt, but change their mind
>> when they wake up.
> ### How do you know that the patient really intends to die? By listening
> to what they say? If they are really trying to die, why wouldn't they use a
> method that's guaranteed to work, like hanging, fall from height, gunshot
> or drowning? Why do the OD suicides so often message others before the
> attempt, if not to reduce the likelihood of dying and to increase the
> psychological impact on the intended target?
> According to:
> https://www.hsph.harvard.edu/means-matter/means-matter/case-fatality/
> the CFR for gun suicides is 82% but the CFR for poisoning (i.e. drug
> overdose) is 1.5%. This is an enormous disparity. Sure, a lot of suicides
> are dumb people who wouldn't think about looking up the doses of
> medications they would need to take to achieve a lethal effect but really,
> shouldn't the use of a method that works only 1.5% of the time be a clue
> that many if not most of ODs are not serious?
> Call me a cynic but after 20 years of being a neurologist I developed a
> fair amount of skepticism about what the patients are telling me. As a
> neurologist I have methods for detecting some types of medical lies that
> are not available in most other situations, which is why I find liars all
> the time. "No, I haven't missed my medications!" - your valproate level is
> 0, so yes, you did. "No, I haven't done cocaine in a year" - your urine
> drug screen is positive for cocaine, benzos and opiates, so yes, you did.
> "I am having a seizure" - no, after seeing 1000 fake seizures I know you
> are not. "I am paralyzed!" - no, after seeing 1000 fake strokes I can see
> you are faking it.
> Earlier this week I consulted on a 36 year-old morbidly obese man who
> developed complete amnesia. A day before he was supposed to start an actual
> job he claimed he forgot everything - his name, age, address, whether he
> has a family and all of his life so far. I asked him - Do you remember how
> many legs you have? "No, not really". But maybe just approximately? More
> than three? "No, I don't think so, maybe one or two". Laughable. I gave him
> the diagnosis of psychogenic amnesia, or dissociative amnesia but maybe I
> should have called it malingering. After all, in this way he avoided
> dragging his 448 lb to work.
> Rafal
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