[ExI] 'Magic mushroom' compound may work just as well as antidepressants, small study finds

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>…Nearly everyone underestimates the power of the placebo effect.  Or even think it's not real - as if mental was not real.   bill w



Not me Billw, I overestimate it, intentionally, because of a remarkable discovery.  Read on please sir.  


If one has sufficient belief in the placebo effect, one can save time and money by skipping the fake medication or therapy, which one would know (by itself) is ineffective against the malady, but one knows the placebo effect works even if one doesn’t believe in it.  In order for the placebo effect to work under those circumstances, one must imagine one ate the fake medication or underwent the fake therapy.  This is what I call the placebo squared effect.


I have a recent example.  I injured my back so severely a few yrs ago I couldn’t even drive my car.  In desperate agony, I walked to a nearby chiropractor, a questionable therapy I had previously refused because of its pseudoscientific nature.  It worked!  I recovered completely in a few days.


On a camping trip last week, I injured my back severely once again, same place (lumbar 4.)  Being on the road on the way out and not wanting to spoil my family’s trip, I had not the option to visit a chiropractor, so I resorted to the placebo squared effect.  I imagined I went to the chiropractor and underwent what I think is a placebo effect therapy.  It worked!  I recovered in a few days.


The difference this time was that I had no “doctor” bills to pay afterwards, for placebo squared therapy is free of charge and best of all, it does not require a “doctor” putting her gropey paws on me, which I find most distasteful.


You’re quite welcome, my pleasure sir.




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