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>> Furthermore… I would de-sign for organ donation, for fear they would delay my suspension grabbing kidneys and such.  But even if Alcor got to go first, usable donor organs spoil quickly so the organ donors who would otherwise benefit wouldn’t.
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I think this is a non-existing problem.  There is no way Alcor will be experimenting with human heads / bodies. They will not attempt human revival until they are really, really confident of success. Just think
of the PR shock and horror!   It would get Alcor closed down.
It is never going to happen.



On the contrary, BillK.

If a donor head is a volunteer, who understands (understood?) that by volunteering to offer a donor head, it has no expectation of successful uploading (but will cheerfully accept it if it works.)  It donates itself with the full understanding that someone at some future time, hasta go first.  This kind of technology isn't going to spring into existence.  

When they created the fictional Star Trek transporter, some ballsy someone had to stand there, grit her teeth and say:  If this works, see you over there in a few seconds on that side of the lab, and if it doesn't work, adios amigos, you sorry buncha incompetent bastards, better luck next time, OK beam me up.  

I am volunteering to be the first Star Trek beamer.


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