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What is substantivalism?

Substantivalism is a position in the philosophy of mathematics. It states that numbers and mathematical objects have real existence.
In contrast, abstractionism states that mathematical objects are objective but do not exist.
In the context of justice, a substantivalist might argue that a murderer deserves to spend the rest of their life in prison, or even face the death penalty. In contrast, an abstractionist might say that while the murderer committed a crime against humanity, an additional punishment is not required as it does not correct the wrongs of the deed. A counter argument to this might be that such action would deter other people from committing similar crimes in the future.
And besides, if you're going to argue deontological ethics, then that means the moral value of an action is independent of the consequences of that action. This means that arguments such as "locking him up for a long time or even killing him prevents him from killing again" are not relevant in determining punishment.



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> I asked it "What is Extropian?"
> Replies-
> Extropian is a term used to refer to a transhuman, that is, a human
> who seeks to transcend their biological limitations through
> technology.
> For example, a transhumanist might seek to become immortal by
> uploading their mind into a computer.
> While the term "transhuman" is a more accurate term than "extropian",
> the latter is typically used in contexts other than discussions on
> philosophy. For example, the rock band Trans-Siberian Orchestra has
> nothing to do with transhumanism; the band takes its name from the
> trans-Siberian railway.
> In this way, the term "extropian" is used in many scenarios that have
> little to do with transhumanism. The extropians are a
> techno-optimistic libertarian anarchist think tank.
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