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Everything has a logical explanation.

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> >...Photographic orbs are a well-known phenomena that have been around
> almost as long as cameras. ... but people in the room don't see them. They
> appear to move as the dust mote drifts around in the air near the camera.
> This is one of many articles explaining what is going on--
> <http://www.paullee.com/ghosts/orbs.html>
> BillK
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> This can be demonstrated with the proper lighting and a roll of toilet
> paper.  The material that settles on our furniture we call dust isn't
> really
> dust for the most part in most parts of the country.  Places where it rains
> often still have that phenomenon, even though rain knocks down actual dust
> particles outdoors.  A lot of what we call dust is actually toilet paper
> lint.  I saw a YouTube video where someone demonstrated jillions of these
> linty particles go airborne every time you rip off a few in the bathroom.
> This also explains why the bathroom gets linty faster than the more remote
> rooms in the house.  If you wear cotton clothing, that contributes as well:
> individual fibers from the cotton will constantly be breaking off and
> floating about.
> A near-field object in a camera lens can do exactly what John describes.
> Of
> course it could be the ghosts arranged for that explanation to cover their
> evanescent tracks, the sneaky bastards.
> Easy experiment: set up the camera which took the ghost images, set up
> another camera right beside it with those modern nifty small apertures,
> like
> the ones on your Apple phone, see if the ghost only appears in the large
> aperture camera.
> spike
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