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>… answer:  prevention.  Plenty of ways to prevent falling….


>…Problem "I am too young for these damned things.  They are for old people.  I am not old."  So we have a person who is willing to die to keep up his denial..  Me - I don't care what people think.

bill w



I have a strategy to deal with that: adopt all those old-man affects while still pre-geezer.  Start by commenting “uuunnnk” when plopping down in a chair, then uttering a mighty “aaaarrrruummp” when rising back out of it, the way grandpa did, but start it early enough that grandpa is alive and well to demonstrate proper technique.  Wear clothing that is 70 years out of style, drive a stodgy old Lincoln (check and check) wear really ugly orthopedic shoes starting in one’s 30s.  Take on speech patterns common in the 1940s, such as whenever some yahoo is being annoying, you quote Moe from the Three Stooges: “Why I aughta…”  View any movie made by Jimmy Stewart after he was about 60: Stewart did geezer right, better than anyone.


Do all these things, then when it is time to start using a cane, locals will wonder why you waited so long.





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