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>…I have a strategy to deal with that: adopt all those old-man affects while still pre-geezer…spike



>…This strategy has its disadvantages of course.  People overestimate one’s age, particularly those of us whose hair turned white prematurely.  …spike




Ours is a fortunate generation, for we have access to recorded information on how old people use to act a long time ago: we are not forced to merely remember how our own grandparents did, which is fallible since some of our grandparents were hipsters.


Now we can get DVDs of such classics as Roy Rogers movies (if it is proper to refer to that in the plural (Rogers didn’t actually make over 60 movies (he made one movie over 60 times.)))  If you go that route, keep in mind that Dale is a woman and Gabby is a man, demonstrating that they had a sense of humor back in those days.  The best part of it is, most of the silly waste of cellulose is available free if you have Amazon Prime.  Be warned of course that if you view the pleasant but inane material, you can never recover the time you invested in it.  You will forever be dumber: you will not know the stuff you could have learned while you were vegging out listening to Dale and Roy singing about cows and cow pokes, but if you do, my advice to the young: don’t spend too much time pondering what exactly is involved in the job duties of being a cow “poke” and how that particular profession came to have that name.








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