[ExI] Microsoft wants to reincarnate people as chatbots

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Hi Spike,


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I prefer the term "coincarnate" where they bring me over from the living.  It would be a fun toy if it works.  


>…What do you mean by "bring me over from the living"?  Brent



Hi Brent


Make one of these digital-mes while I am alive and well to train it.  I could be such fine companionship for myself.  I could tell me jokes, even do the accents better than I can do them.  Consider those text to speech sites: you choose the accent.  There’s a bunch of accents I can’t really do.  But the software could.


I have been told that any joke with accents is not proper, but I disagree.  Certainly Scottish is fair game.  Those guys have a sensa huma.   Even failing that, this digital me would be great.  We would have such fun together.


Tell ya this: I would try to make digital thems of everyone I care about deeply.





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