[ExI] Atheists catch a break

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On 10/01/2021 14:22, Bill w wrote:
> The core belief of Protestants is Original Sin.  One of the very worst 
> ideas in history, but one that works well for the church.  Without it 
> the church has no goal.   bill w

>...It's the catholic church that's to blame, not the protestant one (not
that it makes much difference, they still adhere to it, but they didn't
invent it).

>...I go further than 'one of the worst', and say it's probably the most
evil idea ever invented. Combined with the concept of hell, you have a
perfect tool to terrorise and control not just people's behaviour, but their
very thoughts.

Ben Zaiboc


Hi Ben, I would put the notion of Original Sin and the concept of hell tied
for second worst, with gold medal for worst idea in history going to


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