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Subject: Re: [ExI] Immaculate Election
> BillK, do they use voting machines in the UK?  Italians among us, do they
use voting machines there?
> spike

>...No, to both. Some testing has been done.
See: <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_voting>


Thanks BillK.  I don't understand why voters are still allowing the machines
to be used here.

The article points out an ideal compromise: have systems that fill out the
ballot, then print out a paper form.  This could be done from home if the
user has a printer.  If done from home, the ballots would be mailed in,
signatures verified and digital images placed in the public domain.  This
would not reveal who the voter chose, but would verify only that the voter
voted, which is already public domain (for those who visit the polling place
in person.)

Then the votes would be counted by hand by humans, with redundant count by a
second randomly-chosen group not given access to the totals by the first

That system looks superior, even while acknowledging that it allows for
theoretical selling of votes.  We have that already, but there is nothing we
can do about it.  This notion would make it more difficult.

We must recognize that big money interests control the government now and
always have.  So we redefine selling of votes as legal and move on.  This
way we don't end up with signed blank ballots being used as currency: the
software would only print out the ballots if some choice was marked in every
race, with the default choice being None of the above.


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