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There is widespread bipartisan agreement on scrapping the voting machines.  This goes way back:


Bernie Sanders: "I agree with tens of millions of Americans who are very worried that when they cast a ballot on an electronic voting machine that there is no paper trail to record that vote in the event of a recount."


>…So what's your objection to optical scanning systems? Seems like the best of both worlds: quick results and paper ballots for manual counting.





Hi Dave, I have no objections to any of that, with an important condition: the votes must be counted by hand, the results certified before any machine anything can take place.  Once those votes have been counted by hand and certified, the optical systems can do anything they want.  If they report something different from what the human-certified count reported, no worries, put them thru the machine again.  And again.  If still a discrepancy, recount by hand.  If the machine still disagrees with the human count, let the plaintiff take it to court.


If quick results, just use the exit polls.  That’s the quickest of all.  Better yet, use entrance polls, which is even quicker.  Those can be done weeks or months before election day.  This way, the voter confidence in the election result is maintained, and we know weeks or months ahead of the election who won.  The good guys win, everyone wins.  



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