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Also, true socialism has never been tried.


>…I'll bet it has.  Hippie communities in the '60s - but I am just guessing.  Also guessing that it didn't last for long, like free love without jealousy.  HAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!!!!  bill w



True socialism has been tried: it still ran out of other people’s money.


If you go to descriptions of experimental communes, it sounds like a common problem focus was the whole shared-mate business.  Communes would kinda work fairly OK if they didn’t go with that feature: people would share the farming tools and so on, but sharing mates just went to hard against the grain of our nature so long established in humans by social pressures and evolutionary psychology.


T.C. Boyle’s take on communes in his Drop City novel has the women grumbling constantly about the whole free-love business, which was firmly insisted upon by the men who organized the whole arrangement.  Everything must be shared, and women’s bodies were included in the everything.  The women tolerated it (mostly unhappily) until one of the daughters came of age (15) and the men eagerly expected her to join the whole free love scene, at which time her mother said adios amigos, took her teenage daughter and rejoined mainstream society.  The rest of them went to Alaska, where things went badly.







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