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>> Eh, I can’t see anything in the modern conservative’s agenda which 
> requires authoritarianism.

>...Well there's the campaign to shut down immigration and foreign trade.

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Oh, OK I interpreted authoritarianism as having to do with control of US citizens.  What do modern conservatives have on that?  

Anton the two areas you outlined are trade protectionism, which doesn't really have a clear left/right split from what I can tell.  

This is an interesting question however, for we are going into a time when a lot of cars will likely be going to all-electric, which means a lot of new manufacturing.  Countries where there are few or no environmental protections in place will likely have a market advantage over domestic suppliers.  Lead/acid car battery recycling is done largely in Mexico today.  It is much lower cost there.  

As we go into the age of all-electric cars, that might become one of the most important areas of all: recycling the lithium batteries.  The US is likely to solve that by once again exporting the pollutants rather than deal with them here.  There are plenty of greens who argue it is better to recycle cleanly here than to recycle elsewhere dirty.


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